La Isla Calipha

While travelling by ship across the Moonsea south of Brindol and across the Sea of Fallen Stars from Tantras to Westgate, the party heard many stories and rumors about the wonderful island of magic and mystery called La Isla Calipha.

La Isla Calipha turned out to be even better than tales said. Amazing music, throngs of beautiful women, dancing shows, gambling, incredible food and drink. A pleasure island run by a mysterious figure called The Caliph. There were some strange things happening. Ships arrived but never seemed to leave. People disappeared and no one seemed to care.

Further investigation revealed that those staying on the island were turned into mindless chattel for food. The Caliph turned out to be a rakshasha lord who was feasting on the human flesh. The party put and end to the mirage of the pleasure island and destroyed The Caliph.

Faunus, a satyr, was captured and brought to justice in Westgate at the hands of the Tormtar.

The party got the help of the Cormyrean Navy to shut down the island and evacuate everyone from it. A powerful ward is still in place on the island to steer ships away from it. Originally it was designed to bring ships in and never let them leave. But Shan Val and Quagmire were able to attune it to ward the island and make it almost impossible to find except for The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. It was left to possibly return to the island and set it up as some sort of base of operations.

La Isla Calipha

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