This small mining village lies in the vast wilderness southwest of Westgate and Northeast of Amn nestled at the foot of the Giant’s Run Mountains near the huge plateau of Xian. The small village is made up of hardy human folk who are silver miners. They mine the silver in the nearby caves and sell it to traders out of Amn and Westgate.

The party stopped here during their overland travel to Amn from Westgate. They helped defend the town against an attack by Trolls and Giants. And when hostages were taken away from Silverton, the party tracked them down to a mountaintop lair through bone chilling cold and razor sharp wind.

The attacks on the village and tactics used by the creatures was extraordinarily intelligent for such usually dim witted creatures. It turned out they were being led by a huge troll names, The Troll King. His enchanted crown seemed to be providing some sort of boosted intelligence.

The party slayed the Troll King, freed most of the captives, and were treated as heroes in Silvertown.


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