Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty

The following information was learned from Captain Aslerion when the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower met him while sailing on the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Like most aberrant creatures, Aboleths are originally from the Far Realm, though long ago many of them emigrated from the distant plane to the Prime Material Plane, where they settled in the Underdark. There, the vast majority of Toril’s aboleths dwell, though they can be found elsewhere, most commonly haunting ruins, deep lakes, or old temples.

Aboleths originally came to Toril when the world was young. The ancient obelisk-shaped city of Xxiphu plummeted to the world and settled deep in the earth’s crust, below what is now the Sea of Fallen Stars. The oldest known aboleth and possibly the progenitor of the entire species, the Eldest, is an enormous creature that rests atop the city like a throne. The ancient aboleths of Xxiphu form an organization called the Abolethic Sovereignty; they were recently roused from a period of hibernation that spanned millennia, and the city of Xxiphu has since risen above the Sea of Fallen Stars and conquered territory for the Sovereignty.

Captain Aslerion was interested in how The Abolethic Sovereignty might be associated with The Cult of Dagon in Ashenport.

Through talking to other sailors on The Sea of Fallen Stars and through rumors heard in various port cities such as Westgate the following was learned:

The most feared sight in the Sea of Fallen Stars is the movable citadel Xxiphu. The city was roused from the drowned depths by prophecy, perverted priests, and unwise delvings. Because Xxiphu can change its location at will, its influence could conceivably stretch anywhere. No one knows where it might appear next, though most sightings of it are over or close to the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Xxiphu is a glyph-scribed obelisk wrapped in an eternal storm that soars over the surface of the world. Tentacles slither and crawl in cold rookeries encrusting the vast object’s sheer sides. A writhing frieze carved on the age-worn exterior depicts thousands of interconnected images. The inscriptions constantly shift and change, as if invisible artists swarm across the stone face, inscribing atrocities to the beat of a mad drummer. The full meaning of the evolving inscription invokes concepts too ghastly for mortal minds to comprehend and remain sane.

Aboleths freshly wakened from an age-long slumber creep within the obelisk’s hollow interior along with their servitors. But many of these are as children compared to the few enormous elders that shamble within. These ancients do not think or plan as do other beings, and their altered consciousness is inimical to all creatures not part of their ancient Sovereignty. Reality bends in the city’s vicinity, unfettering vast monsters of the deep to master the sky as they before hunted the sunless seas.

The aboleths of the Sovereignty are not like those previously known on Toril. The solitary aboleths of Faerûn’s Underdark were startled by the appearance of this mythical city from their primeval past. In fact, a few skirmishes broke out between Faerûn’s aboleths and the newcomers when Xxiphu first burst up from the Sea of Fallen Stars. Now an uneasy peace exists, in that the Underdark aboleths avoid those of the Sovereignty.

Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty

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