The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

The year is 1480 Dale Reckoning. Five people wrapped in mystery came together in the small town of Brindol. At first simply traveling through the area, these 5 were thrust together in a desperate bid to save the town of Brindol from a horde of hobgoblins known as The Red Hand.

The fight to save Brindol led the heroes to the ancient ruins of Goldenhawk Tower. Within the tower a holy relic called The Recurve was restored as a holy shrine dedicated to both the elven god of magic Corellon Larethian and Kord, the god of strength. The holy power of The Recurve touched each of the heroes in a special way. During the fight to save Brindol, tight bonds were formed and the 5 survivors decided to band together into a party of adventurers.

And so The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower were formed. Dorian Bladesinger, a Corymyrian half eld bard searching for clues as to the identity of his heroic elven father. Shan Val, a noble human warlock from the far east, seems to be running from something. Quill, a human swordmage from Aglarond, is wandering the land looking for his father. Quagmire, a human wizard from Amn, is trying to escape his past. Gozu Mendok, a goliath ranger from the Plaguetouched Lands, is in search of fortune and glory.

Ever since being the first to touch The Recurve, Quill was having vivid dreams. Most revolved around ancient items of magic tied to the former inhabitants of Goldenhawk Tower. The group decided to follow Quill’s dreams and see where they led. So began a journey that would test the resolve of the newly formed group. They encountered the walking dead and horrible aberrant creatures in the village of Pandarahan tracing the source of the evil to a secret cult in the fishing village of Ashenport. It was finally revealed that the entire town was in full step with the cult of Dagon. Dagon’s foul rites were disrupted by the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and Dagon’s Leaders slain. In the end Dagon took his sacrifice by compelling the entire town of Dagon worshippers to walk into the sea.

Faced with the opportunity of an empty town and a clean slate with which to create his own vision of the perfect place to live, Gozu Mendok, bid The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower goodbye. He stayed behind in the empty sea village of Ashenport promising to revive the place into a thriving town of commerce and opportunity. He also promised to make sure that Dagon’s influence would not return.

The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower bid Gozu farewell and set sail across the Moonsea and into the Sea of Fallen Stars. They made port in Tantras where their ship picked up a passenger by the name of Praxis Morgrave, a paladin of Torm. He was being sent to the city of Westgate to join the command of the Tormtar there. During the sea voyage to Westgate, the party’s ship was stranded on a strange fantasy island called La Isla Calipha. Praxis felt some kinship towards the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower and proved key to the party’s efforts in defeating an evil Rakshasha and breaking free of the evil grip of the island.

As fate would have it Praxis’ journey would once again be in step with the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. He was sent by his church to investigate certain goings on in Amn which is exactly where the Knights were headed following Quill’s Dream. Along the way the party came upon a small mining community called Silvertown. Where they saved some townsfolk from the scourge of the Troll King.

Arriving in Amn, the party found Quagmire‘s home city of Esmeltaran was overrun by a tribe of Orcs called The Sons of Gruumsh. It was later discovered that they were hired by The Coweled Wizards to take over the town and quell the Emerald Cabal. Don Diego Barbosa had laid a trap for Quagmire, one of the last of the Emerald Cabal wizards. Quagmire was betrayed by his old hobbit friend and confidant. Quagmire fell victim to a magical chair that whisked him away to Don Diego’s prisons.

Determined the rescue their friend, The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower, launched a massive assault upon the Island Fortress of the Orcs. They defeated the orcs and freed a dwarf from the prisons there named Redbeard. The dwarf thanked the party for saving his life and vowed to help them find their friend, Quagmire in return. All indications were that Quagmire had been imprisoned by the Coweled Wizards in the floating prison called Spellhold.

Journeying across Amn, the party finally arrived in Athkatla, the capital, and dealt with much political intrigue with the powerful Barbosa family and other merchant families. Needing answers and access to the secret library of The Coweled Wizards, the party set about trying to get close to Don Diego Barbosa’s daughter, Lady Isabella Barbosa. It was discovered that Isabella was being educated in the library and knew the location and special access password to get in. In an epic jousting tournament against powerful jousters such as Marcos Sanchez and Don Lorenzo Javier, and Draco Diego, Sir Praxis won first place winning some magic items to complete a set of items Quill had dreamed about from Goldenhawk Tower. Praxis also won a kiss and special dinner with Lady Barbosa as part of the prize. Praxis took advantage of the access to the high society socialite, Lady Isabella to work his way into her heart and somehow convince her to provide the location and code to get into the library.

Inside the secret library the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower found it had already been breached by Marcos Sanchez from the jousting tournament who turned out to actually be Davaros Darkblade, a Netherese agent who looked disturbingly similar to another they had met before Sithian Darkblade. After dealing with Davaros and some Cowled Wizard guards, the party gleaned a lot of excellent information from the library on The Cowled Wizards and Spellhold.

Praxis used his considerable influence with Lady Isabella to hatch a plan to use her personal skyship to attack and commandeer The Briar Rose , the flagship of the Amnian Aerial Navy. The party used The Briar Rose along with a map they got from the secret library to get to the floating prison of Spellhold. They were still trying desperately to rescue their friend Quagmire.

Inside Spellhold the party found a hidden enclave of Banite Priests led by none other than Fzoul Chelimbre of Zhentil Keep fame. The Banites were working with The Cowled Wizards to take imprisoned arcane casters (usually members of the The Emerald Cabal) and subject them to a terrible machine that drained away their power. The essence and souls of these prisoners were being fed to the still beating heart of Bane himself which had been hidden away in this location long ago after the Time of Troubles when both Bane and Torm walked Faerun with some of the other Gods and two had an epic battle in the harbor of Tantras. Torm defeated Bane and it was thought that Bane was destroyed. But Banemaw the Ebon Wing, a black dragon and worshiper of Bane brought his heart from the bottom of the sea to Spellhold and set his decades long plan into action.

The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower defeated the Banites, the Black Dragon Banemaw, and The Cowled Wiazrds most notably including their Amnian archnemisis, Don Diego Barbosa. The Second coming of Bane was stopped and his heart was destroyed. A fey enchanted tree named Yggdrasil was found being abused by the Banites for foul rituals. Shan Val broke the Banites hold over the mighty tree but it broke and a magic seed floated down from Yggdrasil to merge with Shan Val’s body. Quagmire and the other Emerald Cabal Wizards who were still alive were freed and their power was restored to them curing their insanity which had been brought on by the dreaded “machine” used to drain them while gazing at the heart of Bane.

With the Emerald Cabal wizards free and the Cowled Wizards plans laid open, the balance of power in Amn was restored. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower repainted and renamed The Briar Rose to become their personal Skyship naming it The Goldenhawk. It was crewed by a group of Tormtar out of Westgate that rallied to Sir Praxis’ banner. The Knights turned their attention to finding Quill’s father down in Ankhapur and Quagmire decided to stay behind and help the emerald cabal route out and destroy the remaining cowled wizards in Amn.

The trail of Quill’s father, Jarath led the group to the small town of Ankhapur where they picked up the trail of Jarath and someone who looked very much like Dorian. They followed their trail into the Spellplague wrought swamps of Ormpetarr. Learning that the two fathers had been captured by the Archwitch Baba Yaga, they tracked them back to her lair, Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut. Then began a long exploration of the Hut culminating in the freeing of Quill’s father Jarath and meeting for the first time Dorian’s secret father, Elaith Craulnober. Vowing to complete the work their fathers had begun, they broke into the Vault of Baba Yaga and stole a number of her powerful treasures including the Moondisk of Sehanine, The Shalay Marel.

Upon leaving Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut, Redbeard decided to stay behind. The dwarf had fallen in love with Auntie Blackbreath, one of Elena’s Hags. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower bid him farewell and thanked him for his service, his debt to them repaid. Quagmire having found the Cowled Wiazrds sufficiently put down in Amn had left his homeland and rejoined The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. They brought the Shalay Marel back to the swamps of Ormpetarr to the Emerald Tower in hopes of using it to cleanse the Spellplague. After defeating hordes of Yuan Ti, The Knights came upon a Plaguetouched Sharn. The Sharn was defeated and the Shalay Marel was used to cleanse the Spellplague in Ormpetarr and The Sharn himself.

The Sharn explained that he was going to devote his energies to cleansing the Spellplague from the rest of Faerun and went off to endeavor to do so. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower returned home to Westgate to a heroes welcome. The cleansing of the Spellplague was welcome by everyone as a major accomplishment. But trouble has been brewing in The Sea of Fallen Stars in their absence. Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty is on the rise and growing bold with major attacks against fishing villages.

Forming an alliance with Captain Aslerion Symbaern and the sea elves of Myth Nantar, The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower with support of the Tormtar of the Citadel of the Radiant Fist are endeavoring to put an end to Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty.

Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

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