Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

Deeper into the Aboleth Cyst

After twice succumbing to the haunting music and being compelled to eat the poisonous mushrooms, Sir Praxis had had enough. He drew forth Inferno, his flame tongue longsword, and uttered a command word. Flames leaped from the enchanted blade engulfing the mushrooms and burning them to blackened ashes. The dance like music emitted from the mushrooms faded away to a sad tune before fading away to silence. Black smoke filled the passageway and the lungs of some of the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower, but they were able to press on.

Further ahead they found that the interior of the aboleth cyst was like a nightmarish torture chamber. Screams of terror came from a pit filled with mucus and bodies. Pillars of jelly with humanoid shapes trapped within were scattered around according to some alien logic. Sea elf women and men as well as merfolk were trapped inside the hideous gelatinous matrix. Among them Quill spied an unconscious Dukar Elisia.

Guarding the area was a lone enslaved citizen – a sea elf horribly changed by some terrible aberrant processing by Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty. Quagmire dispatched the lone guardian with a well placed spell only to have another similar creature lurking around the corner run forward to investigate his companion and raise an alarm. A giant crab like Chuul scuttled out of the shadows to also attack. The enemies were put down in short order and the slime prisons were inspected more closely. Quill and Shan Val agreed that the mucous was keeping the prisoners in an unconscious state and slowly changing them over time into aberrant creatures like the enslaved citizens they had just battled. They decided that since the process took many hours to complete, they could risk a short rest. It seemed the rest of the complex was not alerted to their presence yet.

After completing the short rest, Quill used a spell to reach phantom arms into the mucous and pull out Dukar Elisia while keeping the nasty substance off of his own body. Dorian saw to the Dukar quickly using magic to clean her body of the foul slime and neutralizing the poison in her system. She jolted awake and was brought up to speed with what had happened.


The Dukar quickly assessed the situation and urged Dorian and his compatriots to press on while she pulled the other citizens of Myth Nantar free. She used her own holy magics granted by Deep Sashelas to protect herself from the foul mucous and began pulling the trapped prisoners out with her bare arms.

The party quickly moved forward to attack the remaining guardians of the ruins of Xxiphu and the Abolethic Sovereignty. They began to battle more chuuls including a massive chuul juggernaut. Hideous floating brains with sharp beaks and dangling tentacles hovered out of the shadows to attack. These grells proved deadly as they created zones of arcing lightning and psychic attacks. And much to everyone’s dismay at the far corner of the cave apparently awakened was the head of the abolethic sovereignty itself – The Eldest. It had survived the catastrophic fall of the Xxiphu obelisk out of the sky. Its icy encasement had cracked and melted, awakening The Eldest to wreak havoc on those responsible for the destruction of the seat of its power. Despite being hidden well back and out of sight from The Eldest, Shan Val felt it enter his mind ripping and tearing at his insanity and wresting control of his body from him. The dominated Shan Val waits for his turn to strike at his allies and the battle for the cyst rages on…



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