Knights of Goldenhawk Tower

Enter the Abyss

The Gaping Maw and The Endless Chasm

Hurtling themselves through the portal and into the Abyss, the Knights of Goldenhawk Tower found themselves in the 89th layer of The Abyss known as The Shadowsea. The Shadowsea is the layer of the Abyss ruled over by Dagon. With the portal shut behind them, they resigned themselves to the fact that this may indeed be a one way trip. Vengeance against Dagon had blinded them to all reason. They found themselves on a dark blasted expanse of rock, floating in a swirling grey mist. The runes of a powerful portal ebbed away beneath their feet.


The floating black rock was encapsulated in some sort of bubble which formed a border of sorts with a raging stormy sea on one side and an endless starry night of a peculiar nature on the other. If one looked too long into the starry night, a certain madness started to creep into their soul until they quickly looked away.

Sir Praxis mounted Tyberious and the two began to fly around the rock to investigate further. Quill joined them sitting in front of Praxis on the mighty steed. They found that the large chunk of rock was indeed very thick but that they could fly underneath it. Some sort of barrier prevented them from flying out over the ocean or into the starry night. The only way forward seemed to be through the grey mist.

Quill managed to part the mist and cast his sight beyond it to reveal another area of Dagon’s domain. It was a large expanse of fleshy ground with huge tree-like spikes protruding out of the ground and up to a height of 30 feet. A howling gale force wind seemed to prevent ascent beyond 30 feet. And in the center of the fleshy ground was a gaping maw. And on the other side of the area was some sort of passageway of stone leading forward.


Quill threw a stick past the grey mist and it landed on the fleshy ground close to base of one of the huge spikes. The spike instantly came down upon the stick smashing it to pieces. Sulee then flew through doing her best to avoid the spikes. Staying at least 5 feet away from them, they seemed not to move. Then she landed on the fleshy ground and instantly a long purple tentacle flashed out of the gaping maw to strike Sulee and destroyed her.

The party devised a plan to use their flying potions and ensure that everyone could fly. The fly speed was only 4 but Dorian’s war drums increased everyone’s speed including their fly speed by 2, so they all could fly at 6. The war drums also reduced any forced movement by 10 feet. That would prove most fortuitous. Sir Praxis used his levitation potion just in case he was to fall off Tyberious. They didn’t want to step on the ground and trigger the tentacle. They also found a pathway that came close to the least number of spikes by using the Shalay Marel to create a portal between two points within 20 feet. As soon as they entered there was a problem. Everyone made it in OK except for Tyberious and Praxis. Tyberious wing span was too big. He got too close to one of the spikes and it slammed into him. Tyberious was knocked prone and slid towards more of the spikes and the gaping maw. Luckily, Dorian’s war drums prevented the full forced movement and Tyberious and Praxis were saved from being slammed repeatedly by the spikes and eventually cast into the gaping maw. The domino effect had effectively been broken by Dorian’s magic.

Using Shalay Marel they got through a tough section avoiding many spikes but then realized that the tentacle was not triggered by stepping on the ground alone for it lashed out and began attacking them. It would wrap around a target and drag it into spikes and towards the gaping maw. Again, Dorian’s spell prevented the full forced movement and saved party members from being devoured by the gaping maw.

Racing through the remaining area to avoid the grasping tentacle, the party ran head long onto a stone bridge crossing over a deep chasm of darkness. A brief fluttering noise was the only portent of the coming of a murder of succubi. The deliciously beautiful and evil creatures surrounded the party and began to use their beckoning whispers, fiery touch, and passion’s flames powers to try and force the party off the bridge and fight with each other. The flight from the potions was still enabling everyone to stay aloft so no one fell to their doom, but many were dazed, dominated, and held under the evil sway of the succubi.


The first wave of Succubi were only 10 but then at the end of the first round of combat another 10 joined their evil sisters to make it a total of 20 Succubi. Even though the succubi were only minions it was very difficult to get an opportunity to attack them. And there were so many. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower fought hard. Redbeard’s fire resistance helped greatly as he resisted the fire damage from the demons, but the party spent more time attacking each other than the succubi themselves. Eventually Shan Val managed to take out a bunch of them. And others contributed as well. The tied was turned with a majority of the succubi being slain, but there were enough left to continue to pose a significant threat to the party…




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