Auntie Blackbreath

A Night Hag and Redbeard's Lover


Night Hag with the power to change her form into that of a beautiful elf, human, and even dwarf female.


Auntie Blackbreath lived for years in the expanse of Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut. There she befriended other hags and sought to gain favor with Baba Yaga herself. Auntie Blackbreath was running the kitchens when a group of strangers arrived in the Hut. One amongst them was a dashing young dwarf named Redbeard, who she fell in love with. The feelings turned out to be mutual as the dwarf did not leave the Hut with his friends but rather decided to stay behind in the Hut and live with Auntie Blackbreath. The two of them have been happily living in the Hut for quite some time.

Auntie Blackbreath

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