General Draylor

Demon Lord - Chief General of Dagon's Armies


A powerful Demon Lord with a huge two handed sword he wields in 1 hand. The other clawed fist is used to grab enemies and squeeze the life out of them.


Draylor is Dagon’s chief General. He leads the demon armies of Dagon wherever they might be battling from Dagon’s fortress on the 89th Layer of the Abyss – Dagon’s realm called The Shadowsea. He communicates with his battle captains and other commanders telepathically through his mighty throne in Dagon’s Fortress.

He often leans on the advice of his consort, Kayla.

Draylor’s forces were defeated in the war for Myth Nantar largely due to the involvement of The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. In fact, they used a portal meant for the second coming of Dagon to enter the prime material to get them into Dagon’s Fortress in the 89th layer of the Abyss. There they encountered Draylor and slew him. Dorian Bladesinger deliverred the killing blow to the demon lord and awakened his father’s moon blade – Ithildin


General Draylor

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