The Sharn

Creature Imprisoned in Emerald Tower of Ormpetar


An ancient tome from the Library of Babba Yaga revealed…

When a sharn manifests a corporeal form, it typically adopts its signature shape—massive tapered forms of amorphous flesh, jet-black and glistening as if coated with viscous slime and surrounded by a nimbus of purple light. Their enormous bodies are studded with many tiny eyes that appear and disappear at random.

A sharn has three eyeless, eel-like heads, with large gaping maws filled with sharp, serrated teeth. The heads are capable of vocalizing, but sharns prefer their limited telepathic capabilities for communicating among themselves and seldom have a desire to speak with mortals. Some manner of arcane olfactory system grants the sharn a superior sense of smell.

Aside from its three heads, its peculiar limbs are another signature feature. These snakelike, flexible trunks end in an “elbow” where three humanlike forearms split apart from each other. Each arm ends in a humanlike hand topped with razor-sharp claws. Claws sprout and disappear along each of these bizarre appendages. A sharn’s heads and arms connect to a single trunk ending in a thick tail. Its streamlined torso can glide as effortlessly through water as it does air.

Battle Powers
The descriptions of The Sharn in battle describe them as mighty wielders of magic and spells. They are immune to Petrification and Polymorph, automatically save against daze and stun conditions and against charm effects that a save can end. The Sharn has independent consciousness allowing it to to have more than one initiative roll and a complete set of actions on each initiative. Its attacks usually include ongoing damage effects and often are force or fire typed damage.


Origin of the Sharns
If the dark elves of Rhymanthiin are to be believed, the first sharns of Faerûn were in fact an inadvertent byproduct of the Dark Disaster—great killing storms sent against Miyeritar during the Third Crown War. As cloying mists and ichor-choked rains scoured the Great Sapphire Wood, three high mages led the last defenders of Miyeritar into the heart of the eldritch maelstrom to counter the dark ritual.

Indicative of their desperation, the high mages invoked the rare and perilous Ritual of Myriad, whispered to be legend even in the days before the Sundering. With unbridled magic pounding against defensive wards, the mages joined mind and body to birth the first fhaorn’quessir—a giant-sized, tripartite being of immense power—to walk Toril in millennia.

Yet even as the fhaorn’quessir moved to counter the eldritch bonds of the Killing Storms, something entirely unforeseen occurred. The eldritch bonds restricting the transformative magic to the high mages of the First Circle unraveled. Unfettered, lashing tendrils of wild magic quickly enveloped
the Second and Third Circles as well. With nary a moment to scream, all ninety souls, the Last Defend- ers of Miyeritar, were themselves subsumed into the newborn entity.

With no arcane practitioners left to maintain the ritual, the fhaorn’quessir began to dissolve under the onslaught of the killing storms. Through fissures in the limestone bedrock, oily black rivulets converged and flowed, forming deep black pools of amorphous goo in the lightless caverns of the Underdark. There the formless fhaorn’quessir waited, its merged consciousnesses pondering the mystery of its existence as the centuries passed it by.

Custodians of the Weave
After slumbering for millennia, a discordant resonance in the Weave awakened the sharns and set them to their calling as custodians of the Weave. The Dark Disaster had burned an instinctive abhorrence to the abuse of magic into the sharn psyche.

After that time, the sharns sent scouts throughout Faerûn to observe from the shadows, and when necessary, to strike out against those who would wield the Art for mass destruction. When the sharns couldn’t prevent such atrocities, they sought to preserve dying cultures by permitting select individuals of the doomed civilization to join their collective.

The sharns’ enmity against the phaerimm is well documented, driven by the latter’s employment of life drain magic and the resultant desertification of the Anauroch. The Sharn also stood against the Netherese during the height of their powers in the ancient times of Netheril. The Sharn were such powerful and unpredictable creatures, the elves tried to destroy and imprison them in order to stop them from wreaking havoc across Faerun.

The Sharn

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