Goldenhawk Skyship Silver Swords

Enchanted Swords attuned to the magic of the skyship

weapon (melee)

Longsword +2

Encounter Power: Move Action – Fly up to 10 squares.
Immediate Reaction: If the wielder falls with 10 sqaures of the Goldenhawk, they may fly to the nearest unoccupied square on the ship’s deck.

Silver Sword Blade Attunement
1. It takes a full 5 hours to attune to a blade
2. the attunement process must be started by someone attuned to fly the ship itself
3. the person being attuned to the blade must carry the blade on their person for the full 5 hours
4. the person and blade must be aboard the ship for the full 5 hours

After all of those conditions are met the person is attuned to any of the 20 silver swords aboard the ship.


These swords were originally crafted by the Amnian Cowled Wizards for use by their henchmen aboard their flagship The Briar Rose. The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower have attuned themselves to the use of the swords along with their men at arms who now crew the mighty airship.

Goldenhawk Skyship Silver Swords

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