The Recurve

Artifact - Holy Altar of Corellon Larethian and Kord


Has the power to grant Corellon’s Boon or Kord’s Boon of Strength.

Corellon’s Boon of Arcane Might Level 3+ Uncommon
Corellon brought arcane magic to the world. Mortals who please him gain access to powers that otherwise take years of study to master.
Divine Boon
Choose an at-will power from an arcane character class. You can use that power as an encounter power.
Power Daily (Free Action)
Choose a 1st-level encounter power from an arcane class. You can use that power once before the end of the encounter.
Level 8: Choose an encounter power of 3rd level or lower.
Level 13: Choose an encounter power of 7th level or lower.
Level 18: Choose an encounter power of 13th level or lower.
Level 23: Choose an encounter power of 17th level or lower.
Level 28: Choose an encounter power of 23rd level or lower.

Kord’s Mighty Strength Level 3+ Uncommon
Kord lends his strength to followers who prove their mettle in battle against his enemies.
Divine Boon
Gain a +2 item bonus to Athletics checks and a +5 item bonus to Strength checks made to break objects.
Power Daily (Minor Action)
Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +1 item bonus to melee damage rolls.
Level 8: gain a +2 item bonus to melee.
Level 13: gain a +3 item bonus to melee.
Level 18: gain a +4 item bonus to melee.
Level 23: gain a +5 item bonus to melee.
Level 28: gain a +6 item bonus to melee.


Hidden away in a crypt beneath Goldenhawk Tower, this ancient artifact was left unattended for a long while.

Early in Sithian’s journal you find notes and bits of lore summarized into the following tale:

Long ago Corellon Larethian crafted his famous bow. The bow was made to pull effortlessly but to release with such power that arrows fired from it would not stop until they hit something. It was said that Corellon never missed his target with that bow. As a master craftsman Corellon had created the ultimate bow but had outsmarted himself. He had made the bow so powerful that he himself had not the strength to string it. Corellon had chiseled a 3 foot long hole into the side of a massive block of stone and tried to use it as a lever to help him string the bow. He still could not muster enough strength. So Corellon sought aid from the strongest of the strong, Kord, the God of Strength. To get his aid, Corellon challenged Kord to a contest of strength. Kord of course agreed, not to be outdone in any challenge of strength. Corellon pit his crafting skills against Kord’s strength and challenged him to string the bow. Kord at first struggled mightily but even he was unable to string it. Then Corellon showed him the huge block of stone and bid him to try to string it using the leverage. With the aid of the stone, Kord strung the bow and won the challenge. Corellon admitted his defeat, praised Kord’s strength and smiled as he kept the strung bow. Kord and Corellon became great friends after that, hunting orcs and goblins across the Elysian fields.

But what became of the stone used to string the mighty bow? High priests of Kord and Corellon worked together to fashion the stone into an altar. They named it “Shan Hathel” which in the elvish means “The Recurve”. It is said to be the only altar of both Corellon and Kord in the world. Since it was touched by both gods, it is highly revered. It is said that some of their power lingered in the stone and awakened within it a soul of power.

Sithian has notes tracking the artifact down to this very tower. The former Lord and Lady of Goldenhawk Tower built the entire crypt and tower to honor The Recurve. However, during the first war with the Red Hand of Doom, the tower was destroyed by giants, hobgoblins, and goblins. During the war all who had knowledge of the tower and its special altar died. Only bits of lore and rumors remained. But years later Sithian put the pieces together and found the true location of this place. Sithian had hoped the Red Hand of Doom were unable to breach the crypt’s defenses and indeed his suspicions were correct. He found the crypt undisturbed after all these years.

A more ancient book of lore from the libraries of Babba Yagga revealed that The Recurve was housed for centuries in a magnificent Temple and that there was a special clergy devoted to revering the holy relic called “The Order of The Recurve”. The tome speaks of pilgrims coming from far and wide to the temple to be in the presence of The Recurve.

The Recurve

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