Shalay Marel

The Silver Disc of Sehanine.


Shalay Marel is a powerful artifact of Sehanine Moonbow, the elven goddess of the Moon. It is a unique magic item that has the following documented arcane powers.

Chime Of Opening
Level 25 Uncommon
When struck, this chime rings out with a magical tone that opens locks.
Lvl 25 625,000 gp

Wondrous Item
Utility Power Daily (Standard Action)
Effect: When you strike the chime of opening, you direct it to open a single locked door, chest, gate, or other object within 5 squares of you and remove any traps upon that object. The chime makes a single Thievery check with a +30 bonus against all the DCs required to open the object and disable any traps on it. Depending on the DCs, it is possible for the chime to unlock an object but not disable the traps on it (or vice versa), or to disable some traps but leave others intact.

Portal Jump (slightly different than the standard ritual – daily power, no components, no daze effect, standard action to invoke)
Portal Jump
Component Cost: None
Time: Standard Action
Duration: 2 rounds

Choose one unoccupied square adjacent to you and one unoccupied square within 20 squares of you. You create a teleportation portal to link those squares. Any creature that enters a linked square can teleport to the other square by using 1 square of movement.

Linked Portal (slightly different from the ritual in that its a daily, no components needed, and grants +10 on the arcana check)
Linked Portal
You create a glowing circle of sigils on the ground nearby, and you can see a hazy vision of a far-off city. You and your friends step into the circle, and you’re instantly whisked away to that place.
Daily Power
Key Skill: Arcana
Level: 8
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: Special

You create a shortcut across the fabric of the world, linking your location with a permanent teleportation circle somewhere else on the same plane. With a step, you can move from one circle to the other. As part of performing the ritual, you must sketch out a 10-foot-diameter circle in various rare chalks and inks. This temporary teleportation circle must exactly match the permanent teleportation circle at your destination. It disappears at the end of the portal’s duration.
At the completion of this ritual, make an Arcana check. The result determines the duration that the portal remains open.

Arcana Check Result Portal Duration
19 or lower 1 round
20–39 3 rounds
40 or higher 5 rounds

You can use a permanent teleportation circle as the origin point of this ritual, making minor temporary modifications as part of the ritual. Doing this reduces the cost to 50 gp of reagents and grants you a +5 bonus to your Arcana check. While the portal is open, any creature that enters the circle at the origin point instantly appears at the other location, along with anything the creature holds or carries. The creature can even finish the rest of its move. Any number of creatures of any size can use an open portal; the only limitation is the number that can reach the circle before it ends. Anyone standing in the vicinity of either end of the portal can see a haze-infused vision of the teleportation circle at the other end of the connection, as well as the environment 60 feet beyond it. Effectively, everything at the destination within this area of visibility is lightly obscured, and the area beyond is completely fogged out. (Naturally, portals that last longer give you a better opportunity to study the place you’re going to before you step into the circle.) Environmental effects at one end of the connection don’t affect the other end. Most major temples, important wizards’ guilds, and large cities have permanent teleportation circles, each of which has a unique set of magic sigils etched or inlaid into the ground. The exact sequence of sigils matters, because you’ve got to match it if you want to open a portal leading there. The sigils aren’t any more complex than remembering a string of letters and numbers. You can use Linked Portal to any permanent teleportation circle whose sequence of sigils you know. When you learn this ritual, your DM will tell you at least two such sequences. In your travels and research, you’ll undoubtedly learn more. This ritual can take you anywhere in the world, but it can’t take you to other planes. Sufficiently powerful warding magic, such as the Forbiddance ritual, can block a teleportation ritual. If the location is warded in such a manner, you learn that as soon as you begin the ritual, so you can interrupt the ritual and not expend any components.

Shalay Marel (translated from the Elvish into "The Silver Moon of Sehanine.)

A 1" thick and 2 foot diameter disc of pure solid silver. The top of the disc is lovingly crafted into a perfect carving of the surface of the full moon in the night sky. Golden elven runes are embossed in a circular pattern on top of the silver carving.

The Secret Library of The Cowled Wizards yielded the following information:
Goldenhawk Tower Portal
In the book “Magical Rarities” by Don Pedro Tomas (the host of the jousting tournament) you found references to Quill’s magical Diamond Bracers and Boots of the Fencing Master that were in his dream. These two items found their way to Amn with a merchant along with a silver disk and were bought by the the Tomas Family Trading Company. A beautiful illustration in the book perfectly resembles the drawings that Quagmire made of the recessed area by the portal into which the disc would be laid. The silver disc is also known as “Shalay Marel” in the elvish or “The Silver Moon of Sehanine” in common. The solid silver disc is described as being 1 inch thick and 2 feet in diameter. It is magnificently carved to perfectly resemble the full moon. Shalay Marel was originally crafted by the Moon Elves of Myth Drannor long ago before the Spellplague and the dark times of it being a demon filled place but when it was at its height and zenith during the empire of the elves in Cormanthyr. The Tomas Family sold the silver disc to an art dealer from Ankhapur – a human by the name of Barnabus Alvar. There is no direct mention of Goldenhawk Tower or anything around Brindol.

The following was unearthed from an Ancient Tome found in The Great Library of Babba Yagga:
This artifact of great power is said to have been forged in Myth Drannor by Triessa Moonarrow, the High priestess of Sehanine. It was rumored to have been bathed in the waters of Sehanine’s Pool of Mysteries in Arvandor and handled by the Goddess herself. Before the Fall of Myth Drannor, Sehanine clergy spirited Shalay Marel out of the City of Song and brought it to The Emerald Tower in the ancient elven city of Theren. Quill’s calculations put Theren roughly on the site of Ormpetar in the Plaguetouched Lands.

Shalay Marel was worshipped in The Emerald Tower which was a prominent temple of Sehanine. There it stayed for hundreds of years until it was sent to aid the Order of the Recurve in their efforts to create an Elfgate to connect The Recurve Temple to other elven communities and aid Pilgrims in seeking out Recurve Temple.

The Knights of Goldehawk Tower successfully ‘secured’ the Shalay Marel from Babba Yaga‘s Treasure vault in Babba Yagga’s Hut. They then brought the moon disk to the Emerald Tower Sehanine Temple in the Ruins of Ormpetarr. There they used the holy disc to cleanse the Spellplague from the Plaguewrought Land surrounding Ormpetarr and to heal The Sharn of its Spellplague induced madness.

Shalay Marel

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