The GoldenHawk

The party's skyship.


An Amnian Skyship powered by a trapped lightning elemental which is bound to the ship.

Speed: 10 (Hover)
Hull Points: 224
AC 27 FORT 27 REF 29 WILL 25
Immune: Poison, Disease, Psychic, Charm, Fear

Each ballista can fire once per round with a trained 2 person crew. With only 1 crewman it can fire every other round.

Hull Piercing Bolt:
Range 30
+22 vs. AC
3d10+10 damage

Fireball Bolt:
Range 30 Burst 3
+22 vs. AC
4d6+6 fire damage
miss: half damage

Freezing Sleet Bolt:
Range 30 Burst 3
+22 vs. AC
2d8+6 cold damage and target immobilized (save ends)
miss: half damage and slowed (save ends)
effect: creates a zone of difficult terrain until the end of the encounter

Lightning Bolt:
Range: 30
+22 vs. AC
2d10+6 lightning damage and target is dazed (save ends)


Originally known as The Briar Rose, this skyship was the Flagship of the Amnian Aerial Navy. The party attacked the ship and took it over in order to fly it to Spellhold. It has been re-branded with the name The Goldenhawk and now serves as the party’s transport across Faerun. It has a crew of Tormtar out of Westgate under the command of Praxis Morgreave. One of these Tormtar, Sky Captain Dumas is trained in the arcana skill and has attuned himself to fly the mighty ship. Quill, Dorian, Quagmire, and Shan Val are each also attuned to the ship and can fly her by force of will.

The main deck is the uppermost top deck which is open to the air. The ship is flown from here and is armed with 8 greater ballista. These magical siege engines can reign down all manner of destruction such as fire, lighting, and freezing sleet upon enemy ships, castles, and armies. The other two decks are below decks inside the ship. The first is the crew deck which contains the living space of the crew – bedrooms, dining halls, work rooms, storage, etc. The bottommost deck is a large open air space encircled by a magical device called the Lighting Ring. The Lightning Ring is the heart of the ship which powers its ability to fly through the air. A lightning elemental is magically bound to the lightning ring. In order to pilot the ship, one must be trained in arcana and bend the lightning elemental to his or her will in what is called the taming ritual. The taming ritual takes at least an hour to complete. If one completes the taming ritual successfully, one masters the ship and can fly it by force of will by grasping the main ship’s wheel.

The GoldenHawk

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