High Imaskar

High Imaskar claims the ravaged lands that the Mulhorandi kingdom once sat on. The Spellplague scoured the lands, reducing them to a blasted range of mountains, chasms and earthmotes. The terrain makes transportation all but impossible by anything but air. To the east, across the Dragonsword Mountains, lie the Plains of Purple Dust, a new extension of the Raurin Desert beyond. The highly inhospitable region is plagued by large purple worms and dust devils.

High Imaskar is divided into the cities of Skyclave and Gheldaneth. Skyclave is a miracle of magic and an empire reborn. Gheldaneth is the last remnant of the Mulhorandi kingdom but exists as a vassal to the revived Imaskar.

Skyclave attempts to recapture the grandeur and glory of the original Imaskar empire with two significant changes. Empress Ususi’s first imperial decree abolished the Imaskari tradition of slave-holding and outlawed slavery on pain of death. She then established the Body of Artificers, Planners, and Apprehenders as a foil to her power. Skyclave itself is a huge single tower, enchanted to be larger on the inside than the outside. It is a symbol of the former might of the Imaskari wizards, and houses the revived Academy of Imaskar.

Gheldaneth, in contrast, is a failing metropolis where the remnants of the Mulan people find themselves unable to resist the renewed might of High Imaskar. While the edict banning slavery also applies to the vassal city of Imaskar, a second edict is enforced in Gheldaneth prohibiting the worship of the old Mulhorandi pantheon. The local detachment of vengeance-takers has had to put down several revolts lead by priests of the illegal religion. The majority of palaces, temple and academies of old Gheldaneth were submerged in the devastation of the Spellplague, and a large number of treasure hunters now occupy the city, hoping to plunder the sunken quarter of the city.

High Imaskar

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