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Great Men come together in Times of Great Need to Perform Great Deeds. Such is the fate of The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower. Thrust together to save the town of Brindol from The Red Hand Hobgoblin Horde, the newly minted heroes find themselves sitting around a camp fire discussing their past. Thus was born a Tale of Five Heroes.

The Hobgoblins of The Red Hand were led by a powerful Chieftain named Sinruth who had brought together an unlikely alliance of hobgoblins, goblins, ogres, gnomes, and ettercaps and was based in the ruins of Rivenroar Keep. The heroes sacked Rivenroar Keep, freed several prisoners from Brindol, and discovered a link to someone named The Emissary. The Emissary escaped after a brutal battle and was tracked to a secret lair in the mountains located in The Ruins of Goldenhawk Tower.

The Emissary turned out to be none other than Sithian, a Netherese Swordmage. The party discovered that Sithian was draining the power from an ancient holy relic to create residuum and planning on setting up a Netherese spy ring in the area. Through force of arms and mastery of the arcane, the heroes slew the Shadovar and his Shadar Kai minions and restored the recurve. In the culmination of the ritual to restore The Recurve, the party was bathed in the light of the raw power of Corellon Larethian and Kord. Each was touched in a special way marking them forever as a blessed champion of those deities. Goldenhawk tower also hid a broken portal of some kind to which some sort of silver disc holds the key to restoring.

With Sithian defeated and the town of Brindol saved, the party came together under the banner of the original inhabitants of the Goldenhawk Tower and decided as a group to be henceforth known as The Knights of Goldenhawk Tower.

Many questions remained after the liberation of Goldenhawk Tower. What was the Recurve? Where did the Portal go and how is it activated? The Knights decided it best to try and find a library to help answer some of these questions. Quagmire suggested a library in his home city of Esmerelteran in Amn. So the Knights set off to find it.

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